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The wait is over!! Nikka T has personally been perfecting this design for about 4 years now with the help from his graphic designer and friend Nikki Oates of Mendo Graphic Designs. Nick wanted the absolute perfect mesh shorts and that is what we have created with these custom dye, cut, and sewn Solvent-less Mesh Shorts in Collaboration with Grassroots California. 


These sleek athletic inspired Solvent-less shorts will sit just barely above the knees, unless you’re a sagger. They are adorned with 2 zipper pockets on either side and a hidden pocket in the interior. The extra durable double layer allows for you to wear any color underwear or boxers without shining through. Emroidered Grassroots California accents. Everything was taken into consideration over the last 4 years of perfectionist design and sample work. 


I’m so excited to finally drop this limited release!!! 

(As with all my merchandise, once our stock is sold out, we will not be printing more)


Nikka T X Grassroots California Solvent-less Mesh Shorts are here!


All proceeds from my website are being used to support my wife Betty who was recently taken to Prison in Chile. #FREEBETTY

Solvent-less Mesh Shorts

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